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VIAA takes first steps in the cloud


It might seem that we have our heads in the clouds some of the time. But following extensive research, preparation and checking, a real migration to the cloud – which has taken six months – will lead to reduced storage costs and lower operational overheads for our Archive team.

We store our partners’ audiovisual content in different data centres (find out why here). But in order to improve our operations further, we’ve also had cloud solutions in our sights for quite some time. Cloud storage, which means saving files with a third party rather than in your own data centre, has the big advantage of being very flexible. You can immediately add more capacity as and when you want it, without needing to invest in your own physical data centre. Following our research, we decided to move a single copy of our low-resolution files (the more compact files intended for streaming) to the cloud. Because this is a non-active copy – a back-up that’s only activated if something goes wrong with the original copy – we pay a lower price for storing the archive than we currently do for our physical storage.

We started the actual migration after a negotiation procedure. New files were copied into the cloud straight away, and the migration of the existing primary solution (low-resolution) copies took six months. We’re currently completing the checking of all the files, after which we can start to scale back and decommission the old copy setup.