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When three become one, with PACKED and Lukas


After hearing news of our impending merger last September we’vebeeb working closely with PACKED and Lukas, and we’ve got to know each other much better since. We joined forces under the same roof in January, and are aiming to complete our integration process by the end of 2019. 

We’re involving as many stakeholders as possible in this internal process, including our own employees. One of the first steps we need to take as a team is to work out our upgraded organisation’s missions and vision. So we’re holding discussions with various parties and conducting surveys to get as broad a picture as possible of expectations about our service and customer satisfaction within the sector. In 2020, we want to launch our new name and new branding as a unified organisation. 

Our day-to-day activities are carrying on as normal in the meantime, although there have already been a few changes. Being in the same building means we can share our knowledge much faster and more efficiently, which helps projects and activities run more smoothly. It makes us stronger together, and this sets the right tone for the whole process. So there’s still a lot of work to be done, but we can already feel certain of success.
Team picture January 2019
Team picture January 2019